Hi, I’m Ashley

I’m extremely, over-the-top, passionate about two things: my husband and graphic design. Since I refuse to share my husband with you, I’m thrilled to be able to share my virtual love eyes and happy dances in the form of branding and web design for kid-focused entrepreneurs + moms just like you. Yes, you. I see you there.

You have discovered and developed your talents. You have gained the confidence to step out there and start doing. You are amazing!

Whether you are starting up or starting fresh you realize the benefit of professional branding and you are ready to take that next step toward success. That’s where I come in. With almost ten years professionally creating branding and web designs, I’m confident I can help you do better. “Take me to your services!”

How we did better together

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with the Tria Baby company. They created a simple product to help parents. Being a new parent myself I was thrilled for the opportunity! As soon as I heard the name of this brand I knew we had to use triangles but triangles in their raw form are the opposite of soft and sweet. they do not allude to that newborn baby smell that I really wanted to channel. the look we needed for this brand to shine would not be achieved if we settled so we didn’t settle. I made the triangles look slightly hand drawn and grouped them together, similar to building block toys. the curves of the fonts add to the overall light, airy, playful feel. The colors are cute and classic. They say ‘baby’ without being generic. I love how it all comes together in simplicity!

Here is what the client had to say about the experience and outcome.

“We hired Branding Designs for a branding package and they were a dream to work with. They helped me narrow down my audience, took my thoughts about my brand, and gave me branding that was better than I could have hoped. I plan on using them later for some of my other graphic design work. If you are looking for someone who will take the time to understand you and your company and transform that into amazing imagery that can take your company to the next level look no further. Thank you Unicorn Branding Designs.”

CLICK HERE to check out the branding visuals that go along with the words above!

Maybe you are saying, But it’s just images, appearances. Isn’t there more to business than that? ABSOLUTELY! But people form their opinions based on their senses. The quickest sense is sight. No matter how skilled you are, if people don’t like what they see, chances are they won’t stick around to find out what you are selling. Having the right look is imperative to business success. Having the right look is an important key you need to success. Check out the Design Process!

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