How It Works

If you aren’t quite sure enough to place an order, talk to me! Send me a message with any concerns and/or questions you have. I’ll answer you as thoroughly as possible. I don’t do consults but I’m really good at listening. I can help you figure out if we are a good match. The rest of the process is outlined below but no need to memorize it, I’ll walk you through it via email as we approach each step.

step one: pay up + spill your guts

Make sure you agree with the service terms. Select which service you want from the shop page and purchase it. When your order is complete, you’ll be automatically given the document to download. Fill it out and email it to me at “”. As soon as I get your completed Branding Questionnaire I’ll add your project to my calendar (which is currently open) and get started!

step two: critique drafts + approve design

After your mood board is nailed down. I’ll send you a first draft! When you receive your draft have a look, show it to anyone involved, and email me back with your opinions – tell me what works for you, what doesn’t work, what you’d like to try instead ect. I’ll make the revisions and send you a second draft right away. From there you’ll pick your favorite concept and we’ll go through up to four revision rounds to get it just right! The rest of your order will then be worked on and approved.

step three: we’re finished, let the bragging begin

Lastly, we will schedule and install (code and upload) your website work if applicable and/or hand over your branding files. I’ll add screen shots and details of your project to my portfolio and ask that you write up a short testimonial. I’ll continue to be here for your assistance and updates at any time.

Now, sit back and enjoy the awesome project we’ve created and tell your friends all about the great experience you’ve had. Consider joining the referral program to get 5% commission on sales you bring in, details here.

xo, ashley

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